About Formed

I started Formed in 2016 because I’ve always loved plants and I wanted to bring a simpler, more modern look to garden pottery. Concrete is such a fantastic material that can be used in so many different ways. Before starting Formed I had spent 15 years working with concrete as a landscaper.

My aim is to simplify the process, from design to manufacture. The result is the graceful look and feel of each piece.

My pots are handcrafted in my ‘potting’ shed in Carterton. I am constantly refining my methods to create shapes and forms with timeless appeal to last a lifetime. It’s so satisfying to make beautiful things.


• Locally sourced materials

• Designed to last a lifetime

• Minimal waste

• New Zealand manufactured cement

I source all aggregates and sand from the Wairarapa, and I try to use suppliers and manufacturers in the Greater Wellington region. This includes timber, steel and any concrete additives.

Formed products are designed and manufactured to last a lifetime, creating less landfill waste.

Minimizing waste in the manufacturing process is the goal I always aim for. I am always creating new ideas and products to use up any excess mix at the end of each day. There is great satisfaction in achieving less waste as well as helping the environment.

The manufacturing of cement has a large CO₂ footprint. To offset this as far as I can, I use cement manufactured in New Zealand.

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